About Camp Centurion

Camp Centurion, Inc is a North Carolina Tax Exempt, 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation .

Case Statement

Many veterans are able to make a successful transition back into the civilian world after they are discharged from military service. For these veterans, the training and experience they received, in the service, helps them excel professionally and thrive personally when they return to civilian life. However, for others, the road home can be long, difficult, and filled with problems and pitfalls.  Some veterans suffer from physical disabilities or the emotional scars of war resulting in financial crises, legal problems and homelessness, which make “coming home” almost impossible.

Vision Statement

Camp Centurion has been created to provide these local veterans with a program for becoming reintegrated into the community.

The key elements of this program include:

Supportive housing in a secure environment that is structured and supervised. The community nature of supportive housing will provide fellowship and the forging of bonds as the veterans help each other to achieve goals.
Assistance with access to services and benefits will enable veterans to address and overcome the issues that have negatively impacted their ability to function in the civilian world.
Personalized plans for individual veterans (including employment, financial, legal and emotional counseling) to enable them to achieve the goal of becoming stable and productive members of the community.



Supportive Housing for Veterans